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If you think that green enthusiasts can’t do business, think again. Green Energy Texas blends the unique approach by which we combine our passion and our talent for business.  While our love can only exist, without action it is nothing; that is exactly why we decided to move our community to a position of a company. Becoming a company gave us the ability to actually act instead of just preach. Today, we offer a broad range of services. Each of our services has the same ending goal; to give a quality end result without harming the nature. Implementing a green factor into our client’s homes, companies and offices are how we try to reinforce the nature step by step.

If you think that we are all talk and no facts, you are wrong. We may seem a little bit laid back and relaxed, sometimes we can give an impression that we do no know what we are talking about- but it is the opposite. Each of us is educated for the field we operate in. Our team is not just a group of nature lovers who came here to bash on technology and car producers. We did not enter this business until we made sure that we know what we advise people on. So, you will not receive advice on building a green roof from a culinary chef (although some of us are talented in that sense too). The people you will work with are highly educated people that come from different backgrounds. We are all from Texas, that binds us together.

Our services include green roofing, solar roofing, green building, eco materials and other things related to the eco-friendly and efficient building.

Green roofing

If you still don’t know what green roof is about then you must be living somewhere far away. It is a new technology that blends both the visual appeal and efficiency. Green roofing offers homeowners the ultimate protection while also helping the nature heal.

Solar roofing

Solar roofing is based on solar cells technology which was previously used on facades and sidings of big commercial buildings in the form of solar panels. There are many reasons why this roofing option is fantastic, but the most prominent one is because it saves you energy and money. It uses a renewable source of energy and gives a beautiful looking and safe home.

Green building

Green building covers a lot of ground. It represents a group of measures that could be taken when building anything, but especially homes. If you contact us for green building, we will come up with a whole plan for your home; the eco materials, which roofing is the best, we will provide you with eco-friendly paints and products for your home.

Eco materials

We do not produce our own eco-friendly and environmentally acceptable materials but we collaborate with companies that do. For great discount and our help, contact us and we will connect you to the closest producers in your area.

We hope that by now you have considered contacting us because together we can achieve something amazing!

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