Residential Roofing Styles

Your roofing style will largely depend on the roofing material you choose. Selecting the right roofing material is itself not a simple exercise. You must consider a wide range of factor so that you end up with the roof you dreamt of.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Roofing Material

Style of Your Home

Your home’s architectural style would determine the roofing materials you will settle for. For instance, you can use asphalt shingles in most styles of homes while the beautiful tiles you admire are ideal for the style of historic homes.

Roofing Application

Your roof material will also depend on the roof structure – is it a new roof with a brand new structure, a replacement roof, or is an addition to a home? A new roof would allow you to select from a wide range of building materials. Replacing an old roof limits your choice of material because of the current roof’s components – its present (roofing) materials, underlying roof structure composition, roof pitch, etc. Constructing an extension to a home also limits your choice of roofing material because the roof addition needs to function and blend in with the existing roof structure to which you are attaching it.


Whether or not you are the owner of the home will determine the cost and, by extension, type of roofing material you will install on the roof if you must invest in one. For instance, unless you are going to occupy a home for at least 20 or more years, you are unlikely to invest in an expensive material with a 20-30-year lifespan.

State Building Codes

You are required to observe national, state, or regional building codes or other restrictions that may limit your choice of the type of roofing you would install. For example, some states that experience hurricanes, tornadoes, or forest fires prohibit certain types of roof shingles.

Area Requirements

Besides national, state, or regional building codes, some municipalities enact their own building requirements that dictate the types and grades of roofing you must install. Private gated communities also would establish building covenants that outline acceptable types of roofing materials you must use.

Your Neighborhood

Your neighborhood would also influence the type of roofing material you would use and hence the style of your roof. If, for example, you live in an area with trees towering over your roof, an oceanfront view or a humid climate, your roof would risk mold, mildew, moss, or algae growth if you do not use the right material. This, therefore, means you must go for a roofing material, which can handle environmental situations where you live.


The slope or pitch of your roof would influence your roofing material. For instance, if your home has a steep roof pitch, cedar shakes, or shingles would be ideal because wood allows water to flow off easily. If, however, your roof has many corners or edges, you may use slate on its roof because it is easy to cut it into different shapes and sizes to match the architectural features in your home design.


You would be one of the people who take their home’s appearance seriously. In this case, some roofing materials such as shingles offer you a wide range of types, styles, textures, and colors to meet your style while complementing the style of other homes in your neighborhood or community. When selecting your roofing system, consider how the look of it will match the style of your home and give it curb appeal.

Underlying Structure

You will consider your roof underlying structure when choosing the roofing material. . Depending on your neighborhood, you might want to consider upgrading to a waterproof underlayment, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow.

Energy Efficiency

If you are energy efficiency fanatics, you will go for the ecologically sensitive roofing material even if they cost more than the traditional roofing materials in the short-term. For instance, though expensive than their traditional counterparts, energy efficient shingles would save you in energy bills in the long term. We recommend that you get in touch with the best company for roofing Woodbridge NJ if you need your roof inspected for free.

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