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If you reached the  „Contact us“ page, then both you and us are doing something right. If you are here to take a step forward, contact us. If you think that in any way you can help us or we can help you, do not hesitate for a minute- contact us.  We are still here and doing the job because of you- the people to dare to invest into a change, people who realize that we cannot go on like this anymore. People like you are the reason why the Earth is still here and still giving its best. You, just like other members of our community, are the energy that keeps going forward despite all the doubts that other society members have.

Power across Texas needs enthusiasts like you to keep doing the job.  Every step of our fight is successful just and only because of our volunteers and our staff that works hard to promote us and reaches people around the United States.

If you are looking to contact us because you need our advice or help, the rule of no hesitation is still valid. We are here for you and here for the planet too. Only by working both with you and the planet are we going to be successful. For more information, contact us on the mail below!

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