Green Energy Power

What you need to know about us!

If you took the time to go through our website and ended up here, then thank you and you are the reason we are here.  Green Power  Texas is not an ordinary community for sure. There is a lot to us, and we probably differ a lot from the usual nature enthusiasts.  Texas is by itself a crazy area, different from any other area in the United States.  Our roots are deeply dug in Texas and we appreciate our home state a lot. We grew up here, had our first beers, first dances, parties and loves.

And no, we are not telling you all of this because we are pathetic. And yes we are perfectly aware that we sound as cliche as it gets. However, it is relevant to our topic, trust us! So, let’s continue.

The love we have for our country is what motivated us to take some steps and measures. If we had to highlight one characteristic of our community, it would be nostalgia. We are nostalgic as it gets trusts us ( you probably already noticed that because of our pathetic descriptions and writing). But this is not something we take as a bad thing. Nostalgia is the strongest motivator for us; it brought us to where we are today. Watching our city go gray and dirty was an alarming sign for us. As a group of people who grew up in times when kids rode their bicycles, enjoyed the nature and lived a healthier lifestyle, it became painful to watch everything disappear into a big cloud of grayness created by the factories and automobiles. We are perfectly aware that technology is not a bad appearance, it made life easier, it made us quicker and more efficient. We are not here to bash on technology and scientific success. Unlike some nature enthusiasts, we want technology to keep rising and developing. But what we want to incorporate is the green factor. We want our factories to produce, but with less CO2, we want our buses to drive, but with a better gas solution, we want schools to be modern, but still educate children on environmentally acceptable behavior. We are not saying that the world must stop and take a step back. It would be wrong of us and that is not our goal.

But each segment of society should be boosted, should be more aware and should be more motivated to take some measures. We are here to do so, at least to start a long process of raising awareness in the society. We decided to do that simply by starting from the building- if we build green, we help the nature automatically. Join us in the battle for our health and quality of life. There is a lot that you can do- and we are here to show you how. Don’t waste your time on Earth, if you help the Earth, you are creating opportunities for yourself as well. Take action and join the Green Power today.

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