Green Power has one goal and one goal only; to help the nature while bringing you profit. Our ambition has led us to multiple discoveries of green ways of building. Green building is easy to implement and easy to maintain and as such it brings a whole list of benefits to a homeowner. The first step towards a better future for both our children, ourselves and nature is to slowly get people to use energy efficient materials. No matter of your ending goal; to help restore the environment or to cut bills, energy efficient materials are always a perfect fit. There is a number of occasions when you can think about using green materials, but your roof is the best one due to its size and impact. If you believe that your roofing system has nothing to do with your bills or the environmental pollution, think again!

Keep reading and find out what has the Green Power along side with a top Mesa roofer found for you!

1. Green roofing

We have already mentioned green roofing a million times. But it is not enough and it will never be until each citizen of the US doesn’t consider this option. That is maybe extreme, but trust us, this type of roof is an ideal roofing system. It is made of grass ( living vegetation on top) and several layers which guarantee you safety and durability.

So, how does this roof save the energy? Green roofing naturally cools down your home. It is so successful at this that you will not have to pay for installation of air conditioners or pay for the expensive electricity bills. This way you will save a lot of money and help nature get rid of carbon monoxide or acid rains.

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2. Slate

If you notice an elegant looking home, radiating with luxury and good taste; then you ae probably staring at the house with slate roofing. Slate is one of our favorite ways to roof your home because of so many reasons. Slate is extremely durable roofing system and probably one of the longest lasting ones. It will easily last you for a century, and it can withstand any temperature or weather conditions. It looks amazing, it feels amazing, and guess what? It is entirely eco-friendly and energy efficient. Slate is a natural stone, and it will save you energy. So, is there any reason why not to choose this beauty?

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3. Metal roofs

Another great choice for energy efficient roof is a metal roof. Of course, metal covers a lot of ground. There are several types of metal and they have different properties. Some of those are copper, aluminum, steel, zinc etc. They react well to various weather conditions and it sheds off water and snow easily. There are some differences among them but one thing in common is their energy efficiency. The thing about metals is that they have a low heat absorption possibility. Instead of collecting the heat of the sun and transferring it into the attic, metal roofs will reflect the sun and cool your place. This means you will no longer have to deal with expensive air conditioning.

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Insulate your home!

Before we finish, we just want to explain the importance of roof insulation. Roof insulation may not seem important but it can make a huge difference. Around 30 percent of energy is simply lost because your roof is not insulated. That will turn out to be a lot of money that you could be spending on more valuable things. The great thing about insulation is that it can become a DIY project, so there are no more excuses! Insulate your home!

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