As a company and community that promotes eco building and living in peace with nature, we find the biggest mistake that humans make to be exploiting unrenewable sources of energy. People became so focused on exploiting sources that will disappear eventually, that they have completely forgotten about those that have been and will be around as long as the Earth is. Unrenewable sources became an interest to capitalists, and today they represent a big profit; profit for business owners but not nature. We want to turn that around and show how beautifully natural sources of energy can perform.  So, here is what we think you should know in order to help us create a more sustainable world than we are living in today.

1.    Solar power

Solar energy or, to be more precise, the photovoltaic solar power, has the ability to seize the suns energy and turn it into electricity. This is probably the source that is becoming the most popular lately. New technologies are developing fast and make using the Sun even easier. Solar cells are now more efficient and transportable than ever. They are easy to install and use. The best and most effective way to use solar cells is to incorporate them into solar tiles or panels. You have probably noticed big panels on commercial buildings- they lower highly wanted because they lower the bills and save energy. Luckily, you can implement them to your home as well in the form of solar tiles. Solar cells represent the ultimate way to produce electricity and warmth, without harming the nature or your bank account.

2.    Wind energy

Wind power is created by converting the wind energy with the help of wind turbines. Wind power can be made into electricity or mechanical form of energy. This source of energy is becoming more and more popular and you can see a wind farm on a lot of locations.  Wind farms are extremely useful when it comes to providing isolated areas or hard to reach areas with electricity.  This source of energy is one of the most environmentally acceptable sources, and its impact is nothing but good. Unfortunately, the wind produces only 1 percent of worldwide electricity, which is an obvious sign that politicians and centers of power have to be additionally informed on renewable sources of energy.

3.    Hydroelectricity

Hydroelectricity is the most popular form of renewables. It can be found in almost any western country, and it is a highly efficient way to produce energy. Many people know and have heard of hydroelectricity, but they do not know what it is really about.  What is hydroelectricity in fact? It is electricity which is produced by the use of gravitational force. Gravitational force includes the falling of water and when a hydroelectric station is built, there is no wasted energy or harm made to the environment. Most of these stations use huge water wheels to produce energy.

As you can see- we are not forced to use unrenewable sources of energy. There is no point in exploiting the Earth and polluting oceans and the air. With some patience, we could use renewable sources of energy with no fear of them disappearing and we could even profit from using them.

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